Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moving On Up

I have big news! My blog has officially moved. This will undoubtedly be my last post ever at this site, unless it’s not.  

All of my baggage is packed and ready to be unloaded at the new blog site. Let me just say, I have a LOT of baggage. Come and read all about it at See how easy that is to remember? I’m excited to get rid of the extra stuff in the web address. Purging is one of the biggest perks of moving.

What are the drawbacks of moving? Well, the biggest is that people suddenly have an old address for you on their holiday card list, so you just get left out. Don’t forget to subscribe to the new blog so you will get updates. I will be posting a doozy later today that you won’t want to miss. Look for the post “Shame On Me” shortly.

Again, it’s  Come on over and stay awhile!!!

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